Processed cassava/tapioca is fundamental and extensively used in various industries.  With such numerous benefits that starch offer, it is in-high-demand in both domestic and global makets.

The most important key element that directly contributes to quality starch is “the freshness of raw material”.


The northeast region of Thailand is officially known for its richest cassava plantation in the country; its local community is equipped with decades of experience and knowledge in cultivation of cassava, as a result, a prime fresh tapioca roots with high yield in starch content. 

Our standard specification


85% min






0.20% max


600 B.U. min

We also produce according to user's specifications

TPK Starch has concentrated in producing quality and safe tapioca starch products for our consumer.


As a result, we develop our production and control process according to GMP and HACCP standard to ensure that our quality of raw material, production process, storage process and distribution process are accepted by international production standard.

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