“Cassava/Tapioca” is considered as one of the most important Thailand’s industrial crop.  

Thailand enjoys its reputation as the world leading exporters of cassava based products and cassava plantation.

We, TPK Advance Starch Co., Ltd., is one of subsidiary company under “THH GROUP” who is one of the leading tapioca products trading firms in Thailand.


TPK Advance Starch Co., Ltd. was founded in 1957 in Rayong province and soon relocated to NakornRatchasima province, the largest cassava plantation in Thailand, in 1992 on an area of 1,650 rai. The following year, the company was able to produce 200 metric tons per day. The production capacity was increased to 500 metric tons in 1998.


Today, we have a total capacity of 125,000 metric tons per year with over 300 employees nationwide. 

TPK Advance Starch Co., Ltd. has been a pioneer and manufacturer of tapioca based products for more than 45 years with our team of professional management  who are committed not only to make native starch but something more, under the company motto “We consistently provide a reliable and high quality starch product.”


We have continuously been developed and invested in our human resources, as knowledge and expertise are required in maintaining production and managerial efficiency, as well as a well-maintained production facility with an up-to-date technology and high safety standard.


TPK Advance Starch pays attention and participates in tomorrow technologies and social responsibility.


With these key elements working hand in hand, TPK Advance Starch is highly confident in our reliable products and services.  We are capable of producing consistent starch products that have always serve and satisfy the customers domestically and globally.